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Monday, December 29, 2008

fruitful Monday morning

  1. retouched logo of be21zh.org ; 
  2. adding logo of forum onto the fourm's footer
  3. post about my problem with blog export with blogger.com, likely due to China surveillance blocking; 
  4. post my problem with adding google friend connect to my GAE
  5. post errs of exporting my feedburner feeds on its google group, which likely due to China surveillance; 
  6. started to burn feeds from my GAE( google app engine), subscribed them within my google reader.
  7. post 2 blog entries, including this one, which just after lunch.
all of all, it finished within the Monday morning. isn't it a nice morning?
it starts to snow now. so auspicious. no better can it be. last night i read a site from google ads under my adsense account,  http://www.lifesgreatestquestion.com , and refreshed. i know its kind of new birth. i know God's biz on earth has the largest followers or team. yes, i ready for pals and followers, on the way home to God.
QRRS dormitory where i twice lived
photo above is shot by my shabby cellphone, in the dorm area of QRRS, my long time employer. i lived there for near 10 year before i got married, and the second time 2 years ago after i divorced with my baby's mother. its a place of insane now.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

bookmarks daily 12/23/2008

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

dad, u left us exactly two years today - from my dad benzrad

these days i busy with site building as usual. last night i felt a bit sleeplessly for i too anxious about coming google adsense account. this morning i continued to fine touch my homepage on google page creator, adding google friend connect and modifying layout, correcting forms' errs. dog in China surveillance blocked my domain since yesterday, for they hate and terrified by our sight over the world. i determined to get my adsense account, expanding our means to penetrating the world of our sight and message for the bright and in Chinese, Ming Dynasty. i had waited for the messaging method for months. 
this noon, after our grandson's mother left at her house, i checked my cellphone and found its ur memorial day. grand Dad, i didn't attend ur funeral ceremony, but God let me pick ur land, and ur kingdom from outside of 2 thousand miles, in this northeastern corner of China. i do enjoy the task u left me, and engaged with it all my life. dad, where can i find u again? those golder years when u attending my growth? dad, i cared my baby like attending u, i took the world onto him just like u attending me aside forever, rid the need of phisically. dad, my God, i forever attending u, forever listen to u, that's my vow in front of God last year when i in crisis. God, u know, and u forever know.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

warren&me now have artistic avatar, with link&logo on it.

i prepared the photo sketching warez the night before yesterday. yesterday in the beginning of the morning i launched to edit our avatars. with the aid of powerful softwares it very easy to got a artistic avatar design. i included our name and website on it, which quite satisfied me. but the process uploaded to my websites uneasy. dog in China surveillance heavily blocked me.last afternoon before the end of work time i almost spent 2 hours vainly trying to upload to qq alumni or my gmail. in the night after i forcifully moved baby who watched dvds for 2 hours away from pc and continuted to upload avatars to qq alumni. uploading finished quite smooth, but when i attempted to set it as my avatar in my profile there, dog again jammed my surfing and forced me gaveup. and they deleted the icq blog of my babywarren zhu, the hope of Chinathis 4rd time of deletation.
this morning i uploaded avatars to my picasaweb. but when i backup my files to my gmail, they blocked it again and cut off t he Internet access in lan. they peeking on the lan, and stealen almost all my confidentials. they then broke into my accounts and messed up and blacken/distorted my message under my compromised confidentials. God sees and laughes for the shaddow in the dark of China.

benzrad's avatars:

warren's avatars:

Saturday, November 15, 2008

second snow, baby gaming on pc with his cousins

birdview of Qiqihar from ema's back window.

baby gaming.

gaming with cousins.

we r gaming.
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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

bookmarks daily 10/28/2008

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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Monday, September 22, 2008

bookmarks daily 09/22/2008

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

bookmarks daily 09/09/2008

  • the core value of google, is not money, but the value of democracy: let every citizen has basic right to do what he likes and privileged to do; make everyone's life better and easy and lighter with fiber technology; try best to offer more useful utilities to common people and live with people's everyday life. in one word, as google laid it, don't be evil. google's service directly linked to God, let faith more prevailing, after the burden of mass reality on the earth lessen.Google united people under their God, and made everyone in independent with due proud. Google free the authority to citizen and made them share more sense with God. Google let the view of God's way embodied and the world in conflict more accurate. Google with its engine, let the world of spirit and shrine more awesome in front of the most stupid people. Google is the baptist Joseph.
    Google also the biggest threat of autocracy. that's why the dictators in the east so hatrous to Google and the web. Google means to convert the world into democracy and union of God's blessed.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

bookmarks daily 08/26/2008

Saturday, August 23, 2008

baby in golden mid autumn

on waiting room floor

on elastic bed in park

on slide board

waiting for meal
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Friday, August 15, 2008

baby finished Beijing journey, returned yesterday

the uncle of my baby, stayed in ema's house for  his study in junior middle school in the last year, due to visit his home in Beijing. so the grandma brought my baby son with the uncle left for Beijing on July 1st. the grandma has a large family, and quite some of them live in Beijing, mainly doing business of selling pump. we urged baby visit us online but he indeed seldom talked with us in the last month. the grandma likely brought baby visiting some places in Beijing. they lingered there after the 2008 Beijing Olympic game. the families there said attended 2 games there. today they returned. what disappointed me is that they didn't shoot much photos of baby, which underwent growth in the month we absent. here r the photos shot in the journey, only a single photo baby was left alone.

this morning i left office just after 11 am, in the aim to receive baby returning via train. but the route due to arrive on 1 pm. so ema and i retreated home and i tried to fix the ill working mouse. around 12:30 we launched again. we bought ticket to enter the railway station and received baby and his companions just aside the wagon. baby seemingly sound and in high spirit. he ride on my shoulders as usual to leave the station, till we reached a restaurant, with lots of baggage. i ordered 3 dishes and a soup. baby asked to change a restaurant but his mother managed to calm him down. we headed again to ema's house, where we played with baby while the grandma soon went to public bathroom and the uncle watched tv on Olympic game. later i left to computer market to buy a new mouse. on the way home i bought some cookies for baby and he accepted them gladly. then i powered pc and baby asked to watch movie "assembly" again. before dinner he asked to haunt outside and cried for his mom trying to refuse him. we hanged near the stadium where lots of young men gaming there. baby played with sands and we all enjoyed the peace. on the way home i bought a water melon. we drank a bottle of bear at dinner.

that's our happy day on baby's return. its a sunny day after cloudy days, even sometimes drizzled yesterday. can't be more perfect today.

the damned blog ware hanged in the mid of spell check. i had to retype all again. shit.

baby in Beijing with his grandma

dog in China surveillance heavily blocking my access to wordpress and livejournal, let my posting attempt since last night till this morning all failed. posting via diigo's service errs-prone, and painfully delayed.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

bookmarks daily 08/06/2008

  • these days adding and fine tuned my Google custom search engine and subscribed links. now they all available for ur call. my custom search profile at
    http://www.google.com/coop/cse?cx=008709734879864335792%3Avfpf2kzejnc , while warren's custom search profile at http://www.google.com/cse?cx=012477955167450946590%3Ae_nc-gavppc .
    under each custom search engine there 3 or 4 subscribed links, keyword trigger r our Chinese name and English name, our nickname on web, our blogs title, etc. they let ur search for our updates more precise and more apparent in the search result page. here so screenshots. i really like it, hope u can subscribe our custom search engine to let our message arrives more prompt and exact.
    subscribe warren's custom search:

    subscribe ben's custom search:


    Google search after logon, returns my subscribed link, which so beautiful.(screenshot 1)

    warren's custom search:(screenshot 2)

    my custom search homepage:(screenshot 3)

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    • please subscribe my family custom search engine of Google

Friday, August 01, 2008

bookmarks daily 08/01/2008

  • I had contented with my knol, but yesterday i read an article about automatically registering knol with software, i recognized i need claiming knol under my baby, warren, hope of China, lest his name been occupied by others. i launched and in a brizzle i finished a knol. but when i edit his profile, dog in China surveillance started to break in and let errs upon submission and can't finish the task. later i had to give up and returned home.
    my home pc's Internet connection these days constantly very slow, esp. surfing with firefox, really a pain. now i know my home pc likely much easier for dog to surveillance on telcom's router, for i spent 3 hours since 6 to 9 pm i can't finished the task editing profile page and publish the submitted knol. without proxy i even can't access google knol site. they fataly blocked my access to knol, and even with proxies, they likely also broke my submission and torn apart the data and result errs.
    however, in this morning in office, i finished all tasks, in addition claiming knol for my another google account, be21zh.org. fear of hacking and blocking, i prepared all knols contents offline. i indeed prepared them last night, when i restless doubting about how to write about be21zh.org, and God let me dream of his way, to be ur own and no other way to access the unity, except God. God also descended a storm in mid night to inform me. i rightly woke up by it and ema shut down the window. i at once felt blessed. i dreamed of bird shooting.
    claiming knol under be21zh.org's title quite smooth, with another lan proxy i didn't use usually. i also can fine tuned all my family's knol at leasure, thx God. i see so many beauties in google knol and the web. i love google.
    here is all my family knols:
    China Democracy - a knol by ben zhu http://knol.google.com/k/ben-zhu/china-democracy/fr65rgdtqbpx/2
    war in world and China - a knol by warren zhu http://knol.google.com/k/warren-zhu/war-in-world-and-china/1wp6j8mgqi178/2
    warwinzh, save China from war fire-baptism - a knol by warren zhu http://knol.google.com/k/warren-zhu/-/1wp6j8mgqi178/3
    bright, the history and long life of Ming Dynasty - a knol by be21zh org http://knol.google.com/k/be21zh-org/bright-the-history-and-long-life-of/3th72qph5td8u/2

    hope u can visit them and comment on or write reviews.TIA.

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

bookmarks daily 07/24/2008

  • the interface really cool. i admire the authorship very much. its common but so handy, as to publish by common people equipped with any realm knowledge. i claimed my knol at https://knol.google.com/k/ben-zhu/china-democracy/fr65rgdtqbpx/2# , in title "China Democracy" and embodied my bio details. hope i can see ur comments or review there.

    tags: google, knol, China, democracy, knowledge, common

    • Share Your Expertise in Google's Knol
  • its quite far sighted. it can help google adding end users' contribution to news generated by large media and its elite editorials. i like the idea and would like to join the users of google news.

    tags: digg, google, news

    • The Unlikely Integration Between Google News and Digg

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

bookmarks daily 07/23/2008

  • its so nice and i waited for it for some times. now i have 2 custom subdomain at http://wiki.be21zh.org for my site be21zh, bring China abreast 21Century, and http://chinad.be21zh.org for my site China Democracy, other sites in be21zh.org list below with their new url:
    http://love.be21zh.org for site benzyrnill, set to fly
    http://home.be21zh.org for site faezrland, fatherland under angels' feather
    http://zhu.be21zh.org for site zhudajiu朱大九,龙泉之眼

    tags: google, google sites, custom, domain, be21zh.org

  • tags: no_tag

    • Map a site to a specific URL
  • i like vodpod very much, its easy to create ur channels and its functions constantly updating. hope it properous even more. glad to see its becoming more sociable.

    tags: vodpod, video, playlist, podcast

    • These are people who have video collections that are similar to yours — try following a few, it’s a fun way to track what they’re adding and you might see some cool new videos.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Friday, May 23, 2008

mostly sunny, sometimes cloudy


these days i felt burning. since Tuesday morning i was asked to care my baby in the morning, baby cried several times severely for his mother while she attending her school, i just too sleepy and felt right to let baby know his mother can't care him all way like before, so i just let him cry miserably. he slept once in the mid and when he asked for my care i just replied boy should find ways to play on his own. later he asked to talk with his mother so i held him to phone but three times his mother was absent. when his mother returned she held him outside immediately. next day baby got heat in his body and worried his mother seriously. she massage with alcohol but don't work. then she bought him some medicines. last noon she finally decided to bring him to hospital. after returned his mother didn't tell me how he was treated. while in these day i again sensed the situation i was encompassed before i fell into asylum last time. i saw God's set let people around me mentally against me in office and partially at home. i here God's call that the idea and thoughts dwelt on me when i was trapped in asylum was truth and all my actions abnormally in those turbulent moment was in right thoughtful mind and i should proud of them. the shortage of attention against adversities distressed me and i in urgency to talk. then i found a guy of my home town who now studying painting in Qinghai Prov., northwest of China, and talked to him in a style almost monologue. then i posted my monologue onto my blogs. after last night sleep this morning i felt much better and i picked down-loading of games as usual. at noon i got know my baby yesterday got enema treated and in addition of injection on his hand. baby called injection on his bottom. i know God's seeing all these, including darks and shadow over half sky. i cared baby's sleeping at noon. after he woke up i told him my devotion to God and my choice to follow God's guide, in a sole aim to build my site and sight of new China in new Millennium. baby in voice and listened my appeal. how i cherished these moment.

after returned to office i got a interview with a guy also from Hubei Prov., my home town province. he likely just punished from wrong doing, even he just a tiny fish in the mud water, for he was removed from previous lucrative job and now an administrator of the dorm of QRRS, where i gradually burned out my calmness and walked to pure God's call and later brought to my home town and treated there last year. i know enemy of my task, the evil, was gathering and threatening me step by step.

God shines over the land i stand. i know my site was on the aid of my latest beloved girl. i know i m resourceful. i know i own all what i need to finish my task from Heaven here. i do and do in my choice of God.

ps: i caught a storm on way home, even it rightly started before i left the office. it just beaming again as soon as i got my home and see my baby. i caught wet all the shirt.

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Monday, May 12, 2008

Sunday, April 20, 2008

bright afternoon on weekend

its a bright afternoon. baby recently got a cold and pumph and a doctor even warn irregular sound in his heart. yesterday i was melt in sorrow and mercy. but today he still so naughty and sound. he recently frequently demands cares with cries, which quite annoying,including his mother upset with his cries. i enjoyed the cyberspace presence very much. but after got wired the office pc, i sometimes on the contrast lose right mood to busy with the internet, instead, felt boring into doze and tears, resulting frequent doze in the morning.however, when i was full of energy, i enjoyed the web as usual and always be agile on posting and comment on web.

this afternoon was too bright to miss. ema busy with tutoring and earning all day while i dozed all the morning and sat in front of pc all afternoon. so ema suggested bringing baby outside before dusk. i didn't went outside with baby since i was sent to my hometown for ailment in the same month of last year. we visited the place around our home, the southern sports yard and south park. the scenery was the same except some folks refused to nod me for my illness. its almost half and a year after my brought my baby haunting the places in jungle of losing thoughts in the turbulent moment before i felt into asylum at my hometown in Hubei Prov. central China.

i love the game of being mad, and being recovered. i see God's call in it. i love my baby and my peaceful life so far. no matter what a thunder ahead, i see and under God's shine.

baby son on ride of his 3 years on earth

Friday, April 18, 2008

bright day, turning windy and pale sunshine after noon.

i still dozed a lot in office in the morning. last night ema told me she brought baby visited doctor, and was told likely baby's heart has some problem. my direct response was it can't be and i blamed her too fussy about baby's health. she retorted its none of my business. then i launched to operate on pc and my broking heart love for my baby, esp. in the view of cherished his countable time on earth let me sorry. i visited him who playing with his mother and felt we couples love him the same. then i doubting if we should not treating baby liking he was short of something comparing with other kids in the world. and i felt enough of ema's over-protect baby, just to show her tendering. i love baby strong and independent, cute and robust. i don't like to see his demanding other's companion, esp. his mother. but ema glad to drive him to ask for her cares. cares to his every cough with fussy padding, and every changes of body temperature with all kinds of medicines. too much fussy just to show her fragile cares. i would like to see baby silent and independent, enduring and sound.
this noon i returned home and found the grandma didn't cook as usual. i waited awhile then buzzed ema. she was with baby in another hospital, likely brought baby into medical check. i then left to office. on the way she buzzed but i can't listen clearly what she intends to do. after lunch in a nearby restaurant of the dorm i returned to office and buzzed her again and this time she had left baby in the kindergarten and returning to her working school. later when i writing this she buzzed me again and discuss the situation we faced.
i never believed my baby has any physical problem. he was just so perfect, so shiny under God's glow. if any problem calling him, that's from God's. God, let me take ur way and show me the peace of life of my family. i endured and took vow of loving the world u builds.

Monday, February 25, 2008

baby visit his mother's hometown.

with cousin and her mother.

best wished in Chinese pose.

play with cousin.

with cousin.
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